This energy-efficient fan is now part of our range. With the energy-efficient fans, you save 45% more energy compared to a standard fan.  The energy-efficient fans are direct driven magnetic motors with built-in electronics. The motor has a built-in inverter and is equipped with a 2-pin connector. The energy-efficient fan is supplied with mesh on both sides. This fan does not require a frequency converter, motor protection or special cabling.


  • Less noise, which maintains a comfortable living environment.
  • Less maintenance because there are fewer moving parts.
  • Easy connection via a climate controller.
  • EIA subsidy 210306 (2021).

Technische aspecten:

Drive TypeDirect Drive
Propeller diameter (mm),(inch)(1,400),(55)
Number of fan blades3
Integrated electrical control/speed regulation0-10v signaal
Total fan weight (kg)88
Max energy consumption (w)1300
Energy consumption at 350 rpm/30,000 m³/u300 (10 W/1.000m³/u)
Energy consumption at 400 rpm/35,000 m³/u430 (12 W/1.000m³/u)
Energy consumption at 500 rpm/43,000 m³/u760 (18 W/1.000m³/u)
Energy consumption at 600 rpm/51,000 m³/u1.300 (25 W/1.000m³/u)
Flow rate (m³/u) at 0 Pa51,000