At temperatures above 20°c, your livestock will already suffer from heat stress. With our mist cooling system, water is sprayed under high pressure and distributed through the barn with fans. The nozzles that are used on the high-pressure nebuliser are 0.2mm and therefore almost invisible to the naked eye. The mist evaporates, cooling the air in the barn. The system cools the animals and the barn without getting them wet and it provides a productive climate.

During hot days, it is possible to use this system to reduce the actual temperature in the barn between 6 & 8 degrees. With temperature and air humidity sensors and a climate computer we can switch various sections of the barn on and off, according to the farmer’s wishes. Several sections in the barn can also be cooled separately.

Below 21°c, the barn has natural ventilation. Cold air enters the barn through the existing air vents on the side and warm air leaves the housing through the the ridge. In a barn with a non-insulated roof, we bring the environmental temperature down with a roof sprinkler first. The roof sprinkler can be connected to the groundwater. At a minimum stable temperature of 21 degrees, we create a cooling breeze with our energy efficient fans.

If the barn has a temperature 25 to 28 degrees, our system cools it further by applying a high-pressure misting system with an interrupted cycle. This misting system also has an air humidity monitor. If the barn temperature is 28 degrees or higher, the high-pressure misting works continuously or with very short breaks. The humidity control sensor ensures that the animals and the barn do not get wet.

With the mist-cooling system, we are committed to making dairy farming more sustainable, making a major contribution to animal welfare and ensuring a stable (milk) production during the summer months. 

You can rely on us for thorough, customer specific advice. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of a mist cooling system, taking into account your wishes and situation. Our system is easy and quick to install. Our fans are also available in different sizes and models.