On hot days, farmers can make sure there is sufficient air circulation and fresh drinking water in the barns. However, this is often not enough to beat the heat. To create a healthy livestock climate and stable production during hot days, Hittestress.nl designs, supplies, installs and maintains various mist cooling systems for almost any conceivable application.

These systems are therefore highly suitable for cooling barns and preventing heat stress. Research has shown that a high-pressure misting system in combination with sufficient shade and air movement has a very positive effect on the production of your livestock.

The water, which is sprayed through nozzles of only 0.2 mm, evaporates immediately into the barn air. Evaporation requires heat; this heat is extracted from the ambient air, cooling the temperature in the barn. The mist cooling system from Hittestress.nl, offers multiple advantages at the same time: optimisation of air humidity, cooling, precipitation of dust, a more pleasant working climate and prevention of fly nuisance.