Get heatstress under control
with our misting systems.

Improve the wellbeing and productivity of your livestock in the rising heat.

Heat stress is caused by various environmental factors, such as air temperature, humidity, air velocity, and exposure to direct sunlight. Heat stress impacts various aspects, including activity, production, and the health of your livestock. If your livestock experiences heat stress, production can remain below the norm for long periods & cause permanent health implications.

What is heatstress and it's consequences?

On top of the health and wellbeing impact of heat stress on your animals, The economic consequences are also significant, as shown in the table below based on research by Wageningen Livestock Research (WUR).
Scenario Weinig (€) Gemiddeld (€) Veel (€)
Reduced milk production (per kg) 1500 2154 2808
Reduced fat production (per kg) 599 794 1030
Reduced eggwhite production (per kg) 609 866 1122
Increase in calving interval 124 177 229
Deterioration in claw health 56 80 104
Deterioration in udder health 161 231 301
Total annual costs 3008 4301 5593
The optimal ambient temperature for livestock is between -5°C and 18°C. In the Netherlands for example, the temperature exceeds the critical value of 20°C for at least two months per year. Under normal conditions, livestock maintains its body temperature within the range of 38 to 39°C by sweating and panting. Heat is dissipated by increasing the respiration rate and evaporation through the skin.

A commonly used measure to assess the thermal load on cows is the Temperature-Humidity Index (THI). The THI is based on air temperature and relative humidity, without taking into account external factors such as solar radiation and wind speed. A THI of 68 is often considered the threshold above which cows can experience heat stress. In the Netherlands, this can occur from 20°C.”


Research has shown that a high-pressure misting system, combined with good air circulation, has a very positive effect on the production of your livestock. With our misting system, water is atomized through nozzles under high pressure, ideally in combination with fans.

The mist evaporates immediately, cooling the air in your barn. Because the mist evaporates instantly, your livestock and the barn remain dry. To maintain a healthy climate and stable production during hot summer days, designs, delivers and installs various misting systems for almost any imaginable application. We can also provide maintenance services for your misting system.


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