How does it work?

The ideal solution for heat stress.

At temperatures above 20 degrees, your livestock already experiences heat stress. With our mist cooling system, water is atomized under high pressure and distributed throughout the barn with fans. The nozzles used on the high-pressure misting system are 0.2 mm and almost invisible to the naked eye. The mist evaporates, cooling the air inside the barn. The system cools the animals and the barn without soaking them, creating a healthy climate.
During hot days, it is possible to reduce the actual temperature inside the barn by 6 to 8 degrees with this system. Temperature and humidity sensors, along with a climate control computer, activate and deactivate the various sections based on the preferences of the livestock farmer. Additionally, multiple sectors within the barn can be cooled independently.
At temperatures below 21 degrees, we have natural ventilation in a barn. Cold air enters through the existing openings on the sides of the barn, while warm air exits the barn through the ridge. In a barn with a non-insulated roof, we first lower the barn temperature using a roof sprayer. This roof sprayer can be connected to groundwater. When the barn temperature reaches a minimum of 21 degrees, we use fans to create a cooling breeze.
The system cools a barn with a temperature of 25 – 28 by applying a high-pressure misting running an intermittent cycle. This misting also includes humidity monitoring. If the barn temperature reaches 28 degrees or higher, the high-pressure misting operates continuously or with very short breaks. The humidity monitoring ensures both the livestock and barn remain dry.
With the mist cooling system, we are committed to sustainable dairy farming, making a significant contribution to animal welfare and maintaining a stable milk yield during the summer months.
We are proud to offer industry leading tailored advice, detailing the possibilities of a mist cooling system tailored to your needs and situation. Our system is easy to install, maintain and expand.

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Research has shown that a high-pressure misting system, combined with adequate shade and air movement has a very positive effect on the production of your livestock. The water which is sprayed under high pressure immediately evaporates into the air in the barn. Evaporation requires heat, and this heat is extracted from the surrounding air, resulting in a cooling effect on the temperature inside the barn or individual sector.
With the mist cooling system, you address various issues simultaneously: optimizing humidity, cooling, reducing fine particles, creating a more pleasant working environment and reducing fly nuisance.
Recent example : 34,2°c outdoor, 25,3°C barn


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