Heat stress symptoms in pigs.

Heat stress in pigs is caused by various environmental factors, including ambient temperature, humidity, air circulation, and exposure to direct sunlight. Heat stress affects various aspects such as activity, productivity, and the health of your pigs. When your pigs experience heat stress, it can result in reduced weight gain over extended periods.


Pigs can start experiencing heat stress when the temperature is around 20 degrees.


To prevent heat stress in your pigs, we work with fans and misting systems. On uninsulated roofs, we also utilize roof sprayers.

When the temperature an uncomfortable level for your pigs, the klimatecomputer activates any available fans. If the temperature continues to rise, we initiate misting for air intake. Initially, misting is done with longer intervals. As the temperature increases, the misting intervals become longer and the pauses between them become shorter.
Recent example : 34,2°c outdoor, 25,3°C inside
Installations include a climate computer. This monitors the temperature inside and outside your barn and also tracks the humidity level in your barn.

If the humidity in your barn is about to become too high, such as right before a thunderstorm, the misting system automatically switches off. This setting ensures that your pigs and the barn stay dry.


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